Sunday, 25 January 2015


You maybe wondering why I haven't posted on here in FOREVER so here I am here to tell you why.
I have new blog!! is no more and I have moved on over to my new blog. I am slowly in the transition of making the move to change all of my youtube and social media from my online user name itssimplybeauty to my real name tashmackay. I just feel with the path I want to go down talking fashion, life, fitness and beauty my online just wouldn't no more so what better than my actual name!!

If you don't follow me on my social media and you just follow this blog then you will not know the news so here I am telling you. Would mean the world to me if you could all jump on over to my new blog and give it a follow and in the next few days everything on this blog will be getting deleted..

Thanks for all the love and support her at and here is to the new start, I will see you all over there    xoxo

click H E R E to hope on over to the new blog..
Saturday, 11 October 2014

Luxury Wish List | Bags

Today we are talking about handbags. Pretty, beautiful and expensive handbags. Every girl wants them and needs them so today on the blog I am talking about the top 5 luxury bags that are on my wish list.
Starting with two mulberry bags. The Cara Delevingne bag is gorgeous it's a rucksack that can be used as a handbag too ahhh how amazing. Two bags in one. I love the lion details on the bag which gives it an edgy detail and it's such a gorgeous taupe colour. Then the second Mulberry bag is the small Del Ray. I'm not a big fan of the bigger Del Ray for some reason but this small one, ohh too cute!! This would be the perfect bag for if your out for they day and just need the basics so you can't over fill it. I love the long strap detail so you can use it as a cross body bag or on the shoulder.

The Givenchy is beaut! I'm not the biggest fan of colour on bags but this *insert emjoi with heart eyes here* This type of Givenchy bag seems to be very popular and I can see why. This pink colour is so nice but not a really in your face colour which I like and would be perfect to wear with a all black outfit. Again I like that the bag has a long strap - if a bag has a long strap then it 100% makes the bag perfect.
The Neverfall. They perfect weekend bag, I have always wanted a bag like this but can never find one that perfect as this. Its cute and I need!!

Last the mother of all bags. Celine.. If you have watched my channel or follow me on instagram you will know I have a dupe of a Celine and its one of my favourite bags ever!!! Like ever. Its perfect the shape, how much it stores and how it looks. This taupe colour with pink details is cute and puts a different spin to the bag. This one is a bag I think will be actually purchased.. maybe hehe

What bags are on your wish list?
Thursday, 9 October 2014

#CosmoBlogAwards | Thank You

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So Tuesday was cosmo blog awards day and I was super nervous that typical nothing was going right. My outfit was last min which now looking at pictures I 100% regret wearing, I missed my train and my makeup made me look like a vampire and if you don't follow me on twitter then you wouldn't know that I dyed my hair dark. So pretty much I was not at all ready. I had all the signs telling me I should go but I still went, feeling nervous and not at all comfortable. But nothing was going to stop me from seeing some of my lovely blogger friends and a well deserved alcoholic drink!

Cosmo blog awards was amazing everyone in the same room doing what you do. Writing or vlogging about stuff they love so it was amazing to see so many beauties in a room who all look incredible.
But cutting a long story short I guess you want to know who won the Best Vlog award.
Sadly this year 'itssimplybeauty' didn't win but I am honestly so grateful for getting shortlisted. Never in a million years did I think my channel would Highly Commended last year and to be in the top 10 out of 47,000 blogs this year. You guys must see something I don't because there are way better vloggers out there that should be in this but thank you for believing in me, voting and all your support I am so overwhelmed. This year Faye from Fayesfix won Highly Commend and really deserved it so well done beautiful. Fleur from FleurDeForce won which was kind of obvious haha but her channel is amazing and have watched her from the start and it's amazing to see how far she has come. To everyone else in the Best Vlog category well done on getting shortlisted - You're all fab!!

I honestly had such an amazing night and thank you Cosmo for hosting this fab evening. It was amazing to meet so many blogger who I can't wait to see again. Congrat to everyone who won, who got shortlisted. To all those who didn't make it, you are all amazing you don't need an award to know how fantastic you and your blogs/channels are. Be proud of where you are and how far you have come.

Again thank you so so much and here is to another year of vlogging and blogging on itssimplybeauty..           xoxo

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